Scroll No More – Day 5

I got ready in 25 minutes this morning. Getting ready in this case entailed showering after my Crossfit class, throwing on some clothes (I work in an office where everyday is casual Friday and Friday is wear your sweats to work day), having a cup of coffee, picking up enough of my shit to keep my wife happy, and running out of the door (with wet hair, otherwise the 25 minutes would have turned into 30). What the fuck does that have to do with operation Scroll-No-More, you ask? Well, I usually need about an hour in the morning and I’m pretty sure that the infamous scrolling habit I’m trying to kick has a lot to do with slowing things down. Even if the actual scrolling only takes 15 minutes (on a good day), it has residual effects. Picking out an outfit takes longer when getting distracted by a cute kitten video on the way from the closet to the socks drawer, only to be stopped in my tracks by an adorable senior dog looking for a forever home on my way from the socks drawer to the shoe rack. (And we live in a studio apartment!)

My point is that I get out of the door much faster if I don’t touch my phone until I’m about to walk out. Every action is a tiny bit more deliberate and done a tiny bit faster. It’s not necessarily noticeable while I’m in the middle of it but makes such a big difference. Have you ever heard a wise man preach about how the little things add up? That’s why they call him a wise man…

little things






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