Scroll No More – Day 4

Not even 100 hours of my social media detox have passed and I almost relapsed yesterday. When I needed a break from the spreadsheets, I picked up my phone and typed in into the browser. It was automatic – like drinking water when I’m thirsty. Then I saw the familiar blue interface and the little red globe telling me that I had 12 notifications. I resisted the urge to see what they were notifying me of. I felt like an alcoholic picking up a bottle, opening it, smelling the liquor, and realizing that I was about to fuck up all the good progress that I made. I’m glad that I didn’t click on that tempting red globe, although I probably missed a few birthdays and a few likes to stroke my ego. It’s okay. My real friends will forgive me for not dropping a birthday message on their wall and my ego will learn to not depend on how many people like my posts.


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