Scroll No More – Day 2

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday – a prime scrolling day. Normally, it’s part of the routine: coffee in bed while checking Instagram. Then go back and check for updates later during the day. Maybe post the 1001st cute dog picture of my fur babies just to let the world know that I love our dogs and that they are definitely cuter than yours. In that picture I would have included the serene background of beautiful summer country living to show how great my life is, especially on the weekend. I didn’t do any of that and realized that I can live without knowing who makes what kind of avocado toast, who’s sweating in which gym, and who’s at which airport going to which vacation destination. It doesn’t add a whole lot of value to my life. I also realized that it’s okay to take pictures of our dogs and the beautiful country setting simply for my own pleasure. There were a few things that I missed: Simey and Sara from Susie’s Senior Dogs, pictures of my friends’ kids, and leaving nice and/or encouraging comments to make people smile. With the hour that I took back from social media, I read a whole issue of Outside magazine, the women’s issue that had been sitting on a shelf for several weeks. It was fantastic and I might have even learned a thing or two about writing by reading stuff written by good writers.

Today I’m back at the office for just another manic Monday and I’m using my mental break to write this instead of checking in with my favorite members of the Bachelor franchise. Progress.

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