Athlete 2.0

I was hesitant when I took my first steps into a CrossFit gym a little over a year ago. I didn’t want this to be another form of exercise that I wouldn’t be able to stick with like so many other things I tried out since that day in March of 2011 when my knee and my hoop dream were crumbled into pieces. I was scared that my knees were just too bad and that it was the wrong sport for my body type. But my gut told me that it might be exactly what I needed. My gut usually knows best. CrossFit has given me a chance to rediscover myself as the athlete I have always been. From back in the 90s during the German tennis boom when I wanted nothing more than to be the next Steffi Graf, to my brief stint in track and field, to 10 years of Ball above All – I was always happiest when I worked hard, when the red clay stuck to my legs, when my eyes burnt from the sweat running down my face, even when I cried out of frustration because my body didn’t do what my brain knew it was capable of – I was happy. It was never so much about achieving goals as it was about working towards them. Maybe it’s a Capricorn mountain goat thing that makes me enjoy the climb so much while not quite knowing what to do with myself when I get to the top. In CrossFit I will never get to the top, not even close. I will sweat and struggle and curse and relish the temporary highs of achieving something new and then I will struggle some more and keep trying and getting better simply for the sake of trying and getting better. That, to me, is what being an athlete is about and that’s why I love doing this.


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