The Minimalism Challenge – Day 29

I took another look at my closet today to see if there wasn’t anything else that didn’t fulfill the “brings me joy” or “has a purpose” criteria. I found a couple of cotton t-shirts, a button up, and a few office shirts that haven’t been worn in a long time because I have new favorites that I prefer. I also grabbed a pair of black jeans that I have pulled out and put back multiple times throughout this challenge. They are men’s jeans and I precisely remember buying them although I didn’t love them in the store. Note to self: if you don’t even love it in the store while in a shopping mood, you’re not going to love it once you get home. I bought them in Germany, where I do most of my shopping. Believe it or not, but my hometown in Germany has better shopping options for me than New York City. (For the new readers: I’m 6’8″ and buying clothes is complicated.) Back to the black jeans: I wanted a pair of black jeans, my tall girls store didn’t have one for me, so I went to the the tall men store and found this not so awesome pair that I wore a handful of times. Money wasted, lesson learned. Rounding out the clothing portion of today’s pile are weird leg warmers that my wife bought years ago from a Chinese seller on Ebay. Never wore them.

If I counted all the individual items in the pile that resulted from cleaning out two old wallets, I would almost have enough for Day  30. Instead I decided to make sub-piles within the junk pile. Categories include:

  • Metrocards (fare cards for the subway here in NYC)
  • My own business cards from my job that are useless because I (a) don’t go to a lot of meetings, (b) already know the people at the meetings that I do go to, and (c) are not important enough for people I don’t know to ask me for a business card
  • Expired bank cards
  • Expired student IDs (I kept the gem from college, it was too sentimental an the hair cut too ridiculous)
  • Store bonus cards (probably also expired)
  • Expired health insurance cards
  • Business cards from various businesses around the world including Germany, Turkey and Brooklyn (I do realize that Brooklyn is not a country)

I also found a single movie ticket coupon from 2013, a fake greencard from when I first started dreaming of a life in America, a few old photos that are shitty quality and don’t show anything exciting, and more loveless wedding cards. I need to clarify here that we also got a lot of cards full of love, humor, and support. Those will be much harder to let go of. That would make me a minimalism pro but for now I’m an amateur.





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2 Responses to The Minimalism Challenge – Day 29

  1. You’re getting closer to pro status.

    Here’s a printed matter trick from a Danish friend. Danes love fire. He takes all of his holiday cards, papers, letters … anything that wasn’t critical .. and takes digital images of the most important. All of it becomes flammable cargo on a homemade cardboard viking funeral pyre boat. He sets the boat on a pond, sets it on fire, and gives it a little push while enjoying his mead. He does it at night about once a year around mid-summer’s.

    tempting, but …

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