The Minimalism Challenge – Days 25 & 26

As this experiment is nearing the end, it still isn’t very hard to find things to get rid of. And I haven’t even really looked under the bed yet. I didn’t have to as the scarves drawer  was cracking at the seams with scarves (duh), hats, and gloves. To be quite frank, it still does now that the collection is 25 items smaller. Based on the number of scarves I (still) own alone, I can’t quite call myself a minimalist. But then again, minimalism comes in all different forms and is not about how many items you owe or don’t owe. It’s about constantly evaluating what you need in your life and what brings you joy. Not all the items that remain in the scarves drawer fulfill these criteria. Some of them are sentimental items (for example gifts from my mom) that I’m not ready to deal with or let go of. However, I have a feeling that some of them will eventually make their way into a charity clothes drop-off box as I hone my minimalism skills. Sometimes when trying to gauge the severity of my sentimental attachment to stuff, I ask myself “would I be devastated if this burnt in a fire?” With the scarves my mom gave me , I wouldn’t be devastated and neither would she. She as a rather frugal person would, however, cringe if she knew how many of these items still have tags on them or have been worn less than a handful of times. It makes me cringe, too. I got most of my character traits from my dad and frugality isn’t one of them but I don’t love the way I feel when I waste money. But I like the feeling of holding on to stuff I don’t use or love even less. Holding on to these scarves doesn’t bring back the money that was spent on them.

While I enjoyed laying out the Day 25  items in a 5 x 5 rectangle, I went back to the good old pile method for Day 26, which suited the random hodgepodge of items much better. The folding chair that everything else is resting on or centered around is part of the medley. It was taking up some of the already very limited (and fought over) closet space, its sole purpose being an extra seat just in case we have a lot of people over. Guess what, on the few occasions that we’ve had more people in our apartment than could fit on our couch and four chairs, we never even remembered that we had an extra chair. I also didn’t remember that we had his and hers vampire Halloween costumes (that we never got to wear because I got sick the day of the party) or the paint roller. I did, however, remember that I had the grey and neon green zip up hoodie because I didn’t buy it to long ago. That somehow makes it harder to let it go. Maybe because the feeling of wasting money is stronger since I didn’t get the use out of it that I hoped for. Maybe because I have to admit to myself that I got lured into an impulse buy with a sales sign and a color combination that I really like. No one likes to admit to themselves that they made a bad decision. Future bad decisions were possibly avoided by getting rid of a flask. The rest of the pile included a few more items from my closet (two button up shirts, two long sleeves, a cardigan), some random kitchen items, a once loved hat that is now worn and stretched out, a cheap garment bag, an old purse, a small travel bag, a couple of hangers, and probably some other shit that I’ve already forgotten about. IMG_7035.JPGIMG_7037.JPG

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