The Minimalism Challenge – Day 24

Not only is today International Women’s Day, it is also Day 24 of my Minimalism Challenge. You decide what’s more important. I had a really long day today and part of me didn’t want to do this tonight but I always feel better after. I meant to go through our overflowing scarf drawer but need Julie’s stamps of approval for that but her office hours were done. Expect some scarves and hats in the next few days. Today, it turned into this random collection of stuff:

#277: Yet another decorative plate. I don’t get it.

#278: A sleeveless workout shirt. I have held this in my hands many times in the past 24 days and always put it back, thinking I might need it for the next yoga class. I haven’t taken a yoga class in about a year.

#279: Got the okay from Julie on this foxy red pair of gloves just before the end of her office hours.

#280: A souvenir from the 2013 US Open. They hand these out for free. It was the first US Open Julie and I went to together. I actually wore that hat once or twice but it has been forgotten for so long that it should be put out of its misery.

#281:  Handbags often come in other bags. I never quite understood what the point is. Who puts their handbags back into these protective bags once you start using them?

#282: My old kindle. This one hurts. This is a first generation kindle with a really nice leather case. It traveled around the world with me. I read Anna Karenina and War and Peace on it when I had a little bit of time on my hands while waiting for my leg to heal. I used it for studying in grad school. It even provided entertainment for my mom (who hates electronic devices) when she ran out of German books to read during my parents’ visit to New York a couple of years ago. This thing had a purpose and it gave me immense joy but last year it somehow got fried when charging it and it seems to be beyond repair. Bye bye faithful companion.

#283: A “travel mouse” with a retractable cord. It has been living in a junk drawer for a long time.

#284: A workout long sleeve shirt that doesn’t fit well.

#285: A pair of pillow cases that have not been used in at least three years.

#286: A sad, solitary glove. I bought it and its lost partner in college. They’ve served me well.

#287: Another sad, solitary glove.

#288: A strap whose purpose is unknown to me.

#289: A sad, solitary shoe insole.

#290: A camera bag for a small digital camera that may or may not exist anymore.

#291: A grad school souvenir, which makes me nostalgic because it reminds of a really special time in my life. But since it’s been stuck next to our bookshelf since I moved in, I suppose I can go on without it.

#292: A pair of cheap fitness gloves. Not needed anymore since I have started building calluses on my hands from crossfit (sexy, I know.)

#293: A rain jacket. Let’s be honest, when it pours hard enough to require this type of waterproofing, I’m staying inside.

#294: A passport case (stocking stuffer from last Christmas). Not only is it a terrible color combination, my German passport also doesn’t quite fit in it.

#295: Headphone replacement parts for headphones that have most likely fallen victim to this challenge.

#296: A belt that neither my wife nor I have worn in at least the last two years.

#297: A laptop case. My laptop is so busted up that it would be laughable to put it in a case.

#298: A phone case for an older model.

#299: A weight lifting grip aid I got for my wife, which never quite lived up to its promise.

#300: A travel case for our bluetooth speaker. I find this utterly unnecessary.

I cannot believe how easy it was to get to 300 things. 6 days and 165 things to go.



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