The Minimalism Challenge – Day 23

After hitting up the sex drawer yesterday, I involuntarily ended up in the kitchen today (boooorrrriiiinnnng). I had just started cooking my rice and was looking for a lid to cook the rest of the meal, a path that led me to the low cabinet next to the stove. (Insert horror movie music and suspense here.) I immediately got attacked by droves of plastic bags and sticky plastic containers. The actual items that this cabinet is intended for (large cookware such as pots and pans) were buried and out of reach. So I did what any aspiring minimalist would do: I took a before picture. I then proceeded to tear stuff out of there like a mad woman and spread it out on the floor to see what was worth keeping. Worth keeping in the minimalism word can be determined by an affirmative answer to either of the two questions “does it have a purpose?” and “does it bring me joy?” None of these items bring me much joy in particular but they do have a purpose. Wok? Looking forward to the next stir-fry. Glass tupperware? Just bought these to replace the sticky plastic ones. (I will refrain from preaching about why glass tupperware is better than plastic tupperware. You’re on the wrong wordpress site.) Water filter? Needed to hydrate and minimize the use of plastic bottles. Colander? I do strain stuff from time to time.

The process of figuring out why items should stay is just as valuable as determining why they should go. Here are the things that no longer fulfill a purpose or bring anyone in this household joy (not even the dogs and they get excited about EVERYTHING):

  • Three cutting boards. Plastic cutting boards get just as nasty as plastic tupperware (or really plastic anything) over time.
  • An oversized, very fine, over-the-sink strainer. This was a total impulse buy at Aldi. I love Aldi. It reminds me of Germany.
  • A metallic candle holder for large candles that I have never seen being used.
  • A cake server. I have never served a slice of cake in this apartment. (Plus, there are more cake servers in the kitchen.)
  • A burger flipper. We don’t flip burgers, we order them from the diner across the street.
  • A spatula. We don’t use spatulas around here.
  • Two large, superfluous plastic spoons, one skinny and white, the other fat and clear.
  • Plastic containers.
  • Plastic container lids.
  • An old, scrape up pan. We have four other pans (not including the Wok). That doesn’t sound very minimalist but you have to crawl before you can run, right?





After (I even had room to store our cooler bag, which opened up floor space.)

PS: Dear Reader, Thanks for bearing with me while I experiment with different writing and formatting style. This is as much about trying to cultivate a passion for writing as it is about throwing shit out.


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2 Responses to The Minimalism Challenge – Day 23

  1. Michelle Flanegin says:

    I love reading you post,very interesting!! Please continue!!

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