The Minimalism Challenge – Day 22

With Day 22 I bring to you a very mixed and interesting pile of things (items 231 through 252), primarily from the drawers in our nightstand, which are essentially junk (and partially sex) drawers.

Let’s start on the left, next to the box of oats. (That one came from the kitchen, not the nightstand, just to be clear). The two medical boxes are expired hormone shots from about three years ago, when my wife (then girlfriend) froze her eggs. She was 34 then and wanted to be prepared and make sure that she’s never in a situation where she wants to but can’t physically have a child. To say that she likes to feel prepared might be a bit of an understatement. I have no idea how to write a smooth transition from my wife’s frozen eggs to two random rocks that I found on the bookshelf. After a quick conversation with Julie, it was clear that neither one of us connects a memory (romantic walk on the beach?) with these rocks.

Equally unemotional and easy to let go are the abandoned cap of a long lost thermos bottle, a handful of nails, another piece of catholic memorabilia of sorts, an empty headphone case, an undefined adapter cable, an old catalog, and two partially used coloring books.  On top of the coloring books is an electric heating pad that Julie at first didn’t want to let go because it might come in handy one day. When I pointed out to her that it hadn’t been used in at least two years and reassured that we can always buy a new one should it ever be really needed, she didn’t put up too much of a fight.

Leaning against the the tall church candles (which invoke flashbacks to the Santeria practice I was exposed to in a past relationship) is a VIP pass from an NFL game that Julie got to enjoy in wealthy company, and in front of that is a fancy scented candle (with an insanely intense cinnamon scent) that was gifted to us. The same person gave us some weird edible massage powder (the thought of ingesting powder makes me gag).

The remaining three items are from the sex drawer, and that’s all I have to say about that.


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