The Minimalism Challenge – Day 21

When I came home late from a weekend out of town a couple of hours ago, I thought I would be too tired to gather 21 items and almost decided to skip a day. Until I saw my jewelry box gaping at me, overflowing, messy, reminding me of a task I have been pushing off for a while. It was time to clean that thing out and once I’ll describe some of the “gems” or if you just take a closer look at the picture, you’ll agree with me. But let me do this as pictured below, left to right, making it easier on the slightly dominant right half of my brain.

Starting this late Sunday night party is a pair of old Nike flip flops, that is falling apart, not great for my feet, and exists in another color and slightly newer version in my closet. I think I actually bought these in college and with the 10 year anniversary of my graduation only a little over one year away (whoa!) it might just be time.

Next up is a MAC eye shadow palette, which not only is pretty gross and used up on the inside but also belonged to my wife’s ex girlfriend. I don’t love doing my eye make up that much.

Before getting into jewelry, there were a few things cluttering up the shelf space next to the cluttered jewelry box, namely bulletin board pins (that are completely obsolete now that the bulletin board is gone) and a stack of business cards (which shouldn’t exist anymore in general).

Now on to the “jewelry” (I put that in quotation marks because there are neither literal nor figurative jewels in this pile): I got the cheap pink watch when I had some really good friends from Germany visiting a few years ago and that’s probably the main reason why I’ve held on to it. I wasn’t the greatest friend during that time, way too caught up in a new relationship and not present enough for the people who had seen me through many heartaches. Holding on to this watch won’t undo that. There are also a blue plastic ring (I barely wear rings besides my wedding ring), a bracelet consisting of multiple bracelets that are annoying to wear, and two thin necklaces that always get tangled and are therefore never to rarely worn. The fake rapper peace sign bling was part of that whole I-want-to-be-Sarah-in-Save-the-Last-Dance phase. I once wore it proudly but it doesn’t quite fit my lifestyle and fashion anymore. Next to the ring, you see a little bracelet that I often see worn by Hispanic people. It represents saints, I think, and it was given to me by my first girlfriend, who was very much into saints (Santeria, to be exact, but that’s a whole other and very long story). Rounding out the jewelry trash collection are two bracelets with one broken and one permanently stretched out rubber band. The latter was given to me by my mom, whom I miss dearly every single day (just to clarify: she’s alive but lives in Germany). Throwing out anything she gave me is tough but I’ve been fooling myself long enough by thinking that I’ll fix this bracelet one day.

If broken bracelets weren’t destined for the garbage obviously enough, there were two trash freebie items: a broken plastic ring with an unknown purpose and a set of tiny, multicolored plastic pieces with an equally unknown function.

The little bottle contains a liquid named “pee no more” that was supposed to deter our dogs from peeing on our rug. It didn’t work. (If you’re attentive, you noticed that there is no rug under our coffee table.)

Since this blog is somewhat of a journal (maybe slightly less personal) I don’t really have any use for physical notebooks or journals. If I need to write something down, I either use the notepad app in my phone or a piece of scrap paper. Hence, the three blank journals will have to find a new home, along with two pieces of workout gear that are no longer my favorites. And being fortunate enough to live a life in which the roof over my head or the food in my belly are not something I really have to worry about, I can worry about  wearing only my favorite things.



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