The Minimalism Challenge – Day 20

There are more place mats today: red (or terracotta/blood orange) ones are joining yesterday’s green ones. There are also many more magazines/catalogs/pamphlets that have been untouched for a long time. Other “easy” items include (yet another) decorative planting pot, an empty jewelry gift box, a swatch watch box, one of those keep-your-food-hot-or-cold bags that came with one of those here-are-the-premeasured-ingredients-and-a-recipe-to-help-you-idiot-cook-a-meal deliveries, and a sparkly wine bottle gift bag (classy AF).

I’m also getting rid of a pair of Bluetooth sport headphones. I love the concept and I love the bright color. But I haven’t used them in a long time. They lose charge and connection too quickly, which is why I went back to the good old wired version. Can’t lose charge or connection with those.

My wife has been asking me to get rid of the cork bulletin board for years. Believe it or not but it has sentimental value. When I went back to grad school and moved in with my friend, my room was actually very minimalist: a bed, a desk, a chair, two lamps, two suitcases of clothes in my closet. The bulletin board was one of the very few things decorating my walls. When I moved in with my wife I took it with me, thinking that one day I would find a place for it that we both like. That day never came.

I never thought the day that I’m throwing out a pair of jeans would come. Jeans (and all pants in general) are really hard to find when you’re extremely tall like me (should have saved that line for an interview). I loved wearing the pair that’s shown on top in the picture so much, but it is literally worn out now and losing its shape while the shape of my body is changing. We had a great run together but our love story is over. The other pair are classic, men’s Levi 501. I like to add a few masculine touches to my wardrobe here and there (I am a “like a gay” after all – inside joke) but these never felt or fit right. I kept them around for the absolutely beautiful fabric and the fact that they are almost too long but after not having worn them for at least a year it’s time to let them go.

Last but not least, I want to tell you a little something about the man waving from his bicycle on a post card. (You’ll see him in the center of the picture if your eye sight isn’t complete shit.) His name is Daisaku Ikeda and he’s the president of the SGI, the lay Buddhist organization that I am a member of. He is considered a mentor for all members and he has the wisdom to back it up. This isn’t some crazy guru that promises people he will relieve them of all suffering, but rather someone who has figured out to live a happy life despite (or because of?) all suffering that comes with it. If you’re ever feeling down and/or uninspired (or bursting with too much love and inspiration), head over to and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some words of wisdom that apply to your situation. I assume that he would be okay with me getting rid of his picture for the sake of a less cluttered space for a more intentional Buddhist practice.


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