The Minimalism Challenge – Day 19

I took a longer break from this than anticipated. Life needed my undivided attention. After all, marriage beats minimalism on my priority list (by far). I may or may not write a blog post about all that one day but for now let me tell you about items 172 through 190. The kitchen continues to be the place to be to find stuff that’s super easy to part with.  Super easy to part with usually means super boring and free of significant memories so don’t expect a masterpiece today. Here’s what I found:

Three green bowls that are just as ugly as the green serving plate that we said goodbye to on Day 10 (I suspect they were all part of a set once upon a time).

Two wine carrier bags: Wine is usually a spontaneous “on the way to somewhere” purchase so these are really not all that useful.

Speaking of wine: The Wine-O has got to go. I don’t know of you this about me and my wife but we’re on a TV show called My Giant Life. It’s about tall women (and their much shorter spouse in my case). I can’t spill too many beans about the making of the show but I think I can safely share with you that the producers are always looking to highlight the height difference between me and my wife. That’s where the Wine-O came in as a potential prop: tall woman = tall wine “glass”. Except the Wine-O doesn’t work well, something went wrong in the design (sorry Wine-O inventors).

Four place mats. If we were to ever have a dinner that required place mats, we wouldn’t choose these. (Spoiler alert: There will be more place mats on Day 20.)

Old magazines: I don’t think I ever got around to reading these (I think/hope my wife did so that it wasn’t a complete waste of money). I’d be fooling myself if I said I’m going to read them one day.

A variety of kitchen rags/towels: I hate to admit it (for environmental reasons) but we prefer paper towels over reusable rags for cleaning. We also don’t actively use our dishes but rather let them dry in a dish rack.

While things feel a little less cluttered around the apartment, I’m surprised that 190 items haven’t had a more obvious effect. Let’s see if the remaining 275 things will help with that.


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