The Minimalism Challenge – Day 18

Back to the kitchen I went to gather items 154 through 171. Our utensil drawers still need work to look more like utensil drawers than junk drawers but this was a step in the right direction. These were the 18 kitchen gems:
– Two rusty, sticky, can openers. We had three. I kept the one that looked the least disgusting. Why do can openers become so disgusting?
– A giant, reusable silicon straw that came with a water bottle. Even more disgusting than the can openers.
– A reusable K-Cup. We recently got rid of our Keurig coffee maker. Not only are the plastic pods an environmental nightmare (not that it matters now that the orange idiot and company are destroying the planet) but the taste is also not great. The reusable cup defeated the whole purpose of convenience. We have been using a fancy Nespresso machine – the coffee tastes great and the pods are 100% aluminum and Nespresso has a recycling program for the used pods.
– A set of napkin rings: who are we kidding?
– Two serrated knives that I don’t remember using, ever.
– Pills for my knees (probably expired). Thanks to Crossfit and the resulting leg muscles, I don’t need that crap anymore.
– A shower curtain ring (I think)
– A rusty spoon in sea shell optic
– Two can lids for dog food. I don’t know if it was a production error or if I’m too stupid to use them but they don’t fit and don’t stay on the can. We have one that works well and that we use all the time. Absolutely no need for extras that don’t work.
– A rusty wine bottle opener (there is a lot of rust in that kitchen)
– Two unidentifiable objects.
– The fork part of an electric meat thermometer, for that one day when I need the Christmas goose to be roasted to perfection.
– A clear plastic salad serving spoon. This is a prime example of the 20/20 rule. It could very easily be replaced for less than 20 dollars in less than 20 minutes should we ever need a  salad serving spoon.
–  A little water container. I think its intended purpose is to be used for refilling the water in our steam clothes iron. I don’t tend to iron a lot but when I do, I find that a regular measuring cup does the trick.
I’ve been a bit sporadic with doing this every day. Not because it has become that much harder to find things but because it does take more time and I do have a life outside of this minimalism challenge. To me, the essence of minimalism is about adding value to your life and spending your time and money well, so foregoing sleep or other important activities for the sake of obsessively gathering junk would seem counterproductive. I’ll continue with Day 19 on Monday.
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