The Minimalism Challenge – Day 17

When you’re tired but you have to find your stuff to keep up with your minimalism challenge, there’s only one thing to do: open the junk drawer (again). Here’s what I found:

– Four headbands: Oh, headbands, I can always count on you. (I think this was the final batch though.)

– A tiny eraser for kids that probably does a really shitty job erasing.

– An extra part of a watch band. I’m not anticipating for my wrists to get significantly fatter.

– A rubber armband.

– A rubber armband with a built in USB stick.

– A USB stick that was given to me at an interview – “We probably won’t hire you but here ya go!”

– A pair of black shoe laces that can be very easily purchased should that ever be necessary.

– A pair of bike valve caps. Pointless.

– A stack of business cards of unforgettable people that I don’t need a card for, forgettable people and people I want to forget.

– An old metrocard that might have a balance on it that I’m going to check one day.

– A useless key chain pendant.

– A pair of driver’s permits. I’m a big girl with a license now. These can go.

– An old Starbucks gift card. I’m a big girl with the Starbucks app on my iPhone now.

– Grad school homework and notes. I’m a big girl with a job now. (One might argue that this homework got me my job since my former professor is now my boss.)

153 down, 312 to go.




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