The Minimalism Challenge – Day 16

The Day 16 pile (items 121 through 136) consisted of a combination of clothes, electronic junk, catholic memorabilia, and other stuff.

First up: four pairs of cheap leggings (probably about $12 a pop) which are from my post basketball time. You have to understand that I had been wearing the baggiest of shorts and sweatpants as part of my every day attire for 10 years and that was suddenly not appropriate anymore. I was trying to re-invent myself, fit in with the recreational gym and running crowd. They (the leggings) never felt right and now that I actually have re-invented myself as an athlete (thank you Crossfit – that’ll be a separate blog post) it’s time for these suckers to go.

Also in the pile is a t-shirt that was given to me by a lady friend (meaning not quite a long term relationship but more than casual sex) around the same time I bought those leggings. We were both in between jobs, living too well on our savings and had an amazing time together. She gave me this shirt to sleep in and it stayed with me. I’m not letting go of it because I need to let go of the memories with her. I’m letting go of it because it’s an old shirt that I don’t wear anymore.

The electronic junk section includes two camera chargers that have been sitting in a junk drawer for at least 3 years, along with car charger cord for an unknown device, and a mini speaker that I used the last time about 4 years ago.

The catholic memorabilia (for the lack of a better word) have also been in the junk drawer for at least 5 years. My wife was raised catholic so she didn’t have the heart (or too much guilt) to throw them out. I as a sinful buddhist with protestant roots, however, had no problem throwing them out. Faith shouldn’t be based on stuff anyway.

Lastly, there were some freebie trash items: a phone case for an old phone (I really really liked that phone case in its glory days), an elastic headband (not a game day one), an empty headphone case, a “decorative” ball (there’s more where that came from) and an old GNC store card (from when I lived in Turkey?)

I didn’t think this would still be so easy well into the double digit days, which probably means that I underestimated the amount of unnecessary stuff in our apartment.


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