The Minimalism Challenge – Days 13-15

The reason why I’m lumping these three days together is that items 79 through 120 could not be any less exciting. While I have some confidence in my story telling abilities, there’s no magic in a stack of old CDs and DVDs (13 of them), a pile of old underwear (14 pieces total) and socks (15 pairs).

There’s absolutely no reason to own DVDs in today’s world of constant internet access and countless streaming services. In fact, there might have never been a reason to own DVDs (or VHS cassettes – remember those?). How many times do you really watch a movie more than once? (With the exception of Save the Last Dance of course…) Even if you wanted to watch it again, renting it twice might be more economical than buying it. And then there are movies that shouldn’t be rented or purchased or be made in the first place such as the gem pictured below. It’s not mine and my wife had no good answer to the question why she had this. She did, however, point out that I owned a lot of weird shit and shouldn’t talk. Fair enough.

While I have very little boundaries and see this blog as a diary and open therapy session, I’m not going to post a picture of my retired underwear or socks.You’d be surprised how many people would pay to see how big my socks are (I’ve been offered several thousand dollars for a picture of my feet – no joke.) If you’re part of the tall fetish community – hi, I appreciate the love (I think) but let’s keep this a long distance thing, okay?

As for the TMI portion of this post: Why do thongs exist? I always thought they were utterly uncomfortable and useless and I hated wearing them. But it seems to be what’s expected under tight clothes (because it would be just terrible for people to know that you’re actually wearing a pair of panties, right?) Anyway, there were definitely some thongs in that Day 14 pile because one should never wear what makes them uncomfortable to impress someone else. Ever.


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