The Minimalism Challenge – Day 12

I’m starting to get into a rhythm of jumping back and forth between the kitchen cabinets and the closets, but I guess that makes sense in studio apartment. It’s not like we have rooms or a garage full of junk (which is a good thing) but it also means that it’s going to be more or less the same type of stuff that I’m saying bye bye to every day. I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible and worth your while reading about it anyway.

The closet was very giving today with one pair of slippers, one pair of ill fitting pajamas, disintegrating bikini bottoms and several tops (mostly long sleeves,) a hoodie, and a very special shirt I would like to tell you about. This shirt represents everything I wanted to be when I came to New York City as a 19 year old “country girl” from Germany. I basically wanted to be Sarah in Save the Last Dance (played by Julia Stiles). I wanted her hip hop dance skills, her boyfriend, and her big city dreams. I was 100% in love with basketball at that time and basketball came with hip hop culture, with mix tapes, with trash talk, slang, having to be confident and tough when all you want to do is cry (that didn’t quite work out, I still cried a lot.) I embraced all of it when I came no NYC, and maybe a little too much. Some of the guys I was drawn to were questionable, to say the least. My basketball coach was worried about my use of Ebonics. Some of it is funny to me now but some of it has always been in me and will always be part of me. I believe that there is a reason why I ended up at an inner city college in Brooklyn and not on some pristine campus of a huge university in the middle of nowhere. The city was calling and I had to go. Today it’s time for the baby phat shirt with the slits on the back to go. I’ll always have a little bit of Save the Last Dance Sarah in me (okay maybe not all the dance moves) and I don’t need the shirt to know who I once wanted to be and who I’ve become since then.

The other sentimental item in today’s pile is the pair of Nike slippers. Every real baller needs a pair of slippers of this kind, memory foam and all. It’s a thing. They came with me everywhere I went. I wore them in Spain on long bus rides and I wore them during one of the hottest summers I can remember in Germany during training camp with the national team. I then wore them after basketball was over when I did my grad school assignments at home in the Bronx. It’s tough to see them go but I don’t get use out of them any more. Thank you for keeping my feet comfy throughout the years.


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