The Minimalism Challenge – Day 11

I stayed in the kitchen for another day because there is so much good stuff (meaning easy to part with) in there. It’s also nice to see the cabinets clear up and actually be able to access the stuff that we use on a daily basis and store our pantry items. This is what I found:

  • A retro doughnut/pancake maker: I remember bringing this home from a White Elephant gift exchange thinking “that’s kinda cool, I’ll make homemade donuts ONE DAY” (yea, right.)
  • A kettle: This kettle is perfectly fine but we got an electric kettle as part of our wedding registry, as per my request. Every German household has an electric kettle and to me they make so much more sense than stove top kettles.
  • Three to-go sauce containers: For that one day I whip up my own salad dressing to bring to work.
  • An EXTRA dog water/food bowl
  • A fancy ice cube bucket (for the giant cocktail party we will throw ONE DAY)
  • A napkin holder: Why?!
  • An old water bottle that is chipping on the outside and moldy on the inside
  • A rectangular flower vase that came as part of a birthday flower arrangement. Never will I use this to make my own arrangement.
  • A tiny glass bowl: One of those that they use on cooking shows for spice mixes – enough said.

66 things down, 399 to go. I can see this becoming a real challenge soon.


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2 Responses to The Minimalism Challenge – Day 11

  1. Sydney Kate says:

    Good luck on your challenge! 😀

    You may like my recent post:

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