The Minimalism Challenge – Day 10

“One Day we’re going to have friends over for a pasta dinner and we’re going to need these dishes.” Bullshit. We’ve hosted friends for a home cooked meal no more than I can count on one hand (and that’s being generous) during the 4 years since my wife and I met. It’s not that I don’t like cooking or having people over but dinner parties is just not what happens in our apartment. Ordering in and having drinks happens from time to time, none of which requires an oversized Mediterranean themed serving plate and matching pasta dishes.

Also found in the kitchen: a single glass plate, a huge ugly green serving or decorative plate (I’m really not sure, because it hasn’t been used since I moved in), another, much smaller and prettier but equally useless decorative plate (we live on about 500 square feet; we shouldn’t have decorative plates) and lastly two souvenir sippy cups from the Broadway Musical Kinky Boots. I’m not a musical fanatic but that was an amazing show. My favorite part of every musical, however, is drinking hard alcohol (vodka tonic is my drink of choice) from cute sippy cups. I have a tendency to keep them just in case I one day need a to go cup (so many words in there that would make every real minimalist cringe).
If you are wondering what I’m planning to do with this stuff: All the dishes are going to Housing Works (if they want them) and the sticky kinky boots cups have already found their way into the trash.

(the dog isn’t going anywhere)

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