The Minimalism Challenge – Day 9

I’m pretty sure that I own significantly less clothes and shoes than the average woman living in the US. A lot of that has to do with me being 6’8″ and wearing a size 13 – less choices mean less shopping. I still have enough stuff to tap into my closet for this challenge, though. Last night I said “let me see if I can find nine shirts that I haven’t worn in a long time and have no intention of wearing any time soon.” It was surprisingly easy. The only two that were a little difficult to let go of are the Germany shirt (pictured prominently in the middle, as it should be) and a basic white flowy tee.

I don’t think I have to explain why it’s hard for me to part with anything that reminds me of my home country. In addition, my wife got this shirt for me in the summer of 2014, when the German soccer team took home the fourth world cup. I asked her if she was okay with me getting rid of it and she was. After all, me getting rid of stuff will make her life less cluttered as well.

There’s absolutely no sentimental value attached to the white flowy shirt except I used to love it, especially wearing it to the office under Blazers.  Now, however, it has lost its shape from washing it, requires too much care (and by care I mean ironing) and has fallen victim to my very active sweat glands (I’m not sorry if that’s TMI. Let’s be honest, this whole blog could be considered TMI.)

45 items down. 420 to go.




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