The Minimalism Challenge – Day 8

I hit up (one of) the junk drawer(s) for Day 8 (items 29 through 36) and found gold. Pictured below from left to right(ish) are the following:

  • A drain wig: This device (as seen on TV, apparently) was supposed to prevent our tub from clogging up. It came in a two-pack and the first wig didn’t do much. There’s no reason to keep wig #2 around, especially since we are so spoiled in our building with the best supers in the world who will magically appear and unclog our drains whenever we ask.
  • A tassel from my grad school graduation: I’m actually really proud of this degree. Not because school is hard for me but because it represented me putting the pieces back together after my basketball career ended abruptly. Building a whole new life for myself in New York with the support of fantastic people will always be one of the favorite times of my life to remember, with or without the tassel sitting in the junk drawer.
  • Another fish tank accessory: This plastic leaf was supposed to make our fish feel right at home in his terribly inhumane home. If you’ve been following this experiment you know that he didn’t make it for very long. I’m not mad at him.
  • Paint: Definitely one of those “one day” items. One day I’m going to be artsy and paint something. One day hasn’t come yet and if it does, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to procure some new paint somewhere in New York City. I found the 20/20 rule from the Minimalists really helpful for this. If you know you can replace something for 20 dollars or less in less than 20 minutes, then don’t even worry about it.
  • A ghost key ring pendant: It’s actually really cool as its eyes flicker blue and it makes spooky noises at the push of a button. I will miss this funny little guy a little bit (but not enough to keep him around.)
  • Another elastic headband: This one is special because I often wore it on game days and I miss game days. Keeping this in my junk drawer doesn’t bring them back though.
  • An envelope full of extra passport pictures
  • My name sign: This is from the time when I worked in the Student Affairs Office during grad school. I think it’s adorable that they (the full time staff) tried to make us (the student helpers) feel important. I don’t know what I was keeping this for. Should I one day need a name sign, I’m sure that whoever thinks I need one will get me one.



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