The Minimalism Challenge – Day 7

Today I’ve made it through a whole week of throwing shit out (can someone get me a medal?). What you’re looking at below are items 22 through 28, including two books, a German psychology magazine (look at me, I can read in more than one language), a Christmas card, a cheap stocking stuffer watch, a weird giant sunscreen chapstick, and part of a blowdryer that I will never use because I don’t and will never know how to properly blow out my own hair. The picture was taken on Friday as I wanted to find the items for Day 6 and 7 before going out of town (look at me, I’m so dedicated to this experiment.) I took the two books to my office and they promptly found new homes, which made me happy. I think the magazine is a leftover from a German friend’s visit a couple of years ago. I kept it for three reasons: (1) I miss Germany and the people I love there, (2) I find psychology interesting (look at me, I’m so deep), and (3) I thought I’d read it ONE DAY.
Joshua Fields Millburn (one half of The Minimalists) calls one day two of the most dangerous words in the English language. That might be slightly dramatic but I smell what he’s cooking. Those two words are responsible for a large portion of unnecessary stuff we hold on to that clutters up our physical and mental space, which can’t be good for anyone.
It’s important to note that there is a difference between one day and for when items. One day refers to a fictitious future that will likely never come while for when refers to specific events that will very likely happen on an unknown date in the future. The salad tupperware from yesterday was for that one day when I might possibly, maybe, potentially bring my own salad to work again, while my waterproof duck boots are for when the streets of New York City are full of nasty slush after a snow storm (which just happened – point proven, the duck boots are staying.)
The Christmas card and the stocking stuffer watch were slightly difficult to let go of because people put thought into them (the card for sure, the watch maybe.) I’m sure more cards will follow throughout this experiment and beyond. I think I will scan the funniest, prettiest, and most thoughtful ones to honor and remember the people who put love and positive energy into them.
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2 Responses to The Minimalism Challenge – Day 7

  1. scrandall says:

    So timely – my wife and I have started on a similar program. “One day” and “for when” is an excellent way to frame things.

    We now have a cooling off period where non-consumable purchases are reviewed by the other person to see if it makes sense and we’re trying to make a distinction between pure junk that gets trashed and things that might be useful to someone else – perhaps keeping them from purchasing new.

    One of the triggers was helping a friend move from a third floor walkup to a fourth floor walkup and the hassle of transporting things in Manhattan as well to storage in Queens.

    Thanks for the additional inspiration:-)

    • All good stuff :)! I like the cooling off period. Have to get my wife on board for that though. She’s intrigued by this whole thing and happy that I’m getting junk out of the house but not ready to tackle her own stuff yet.

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