The Minimalism Challenge – Day 6

Are you one of those people who bring their own lunch to work and save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars per year that way? No? Me neither! If you are – good for you, truly. I’ve tried it and the costs (time to prep, make sure it doesn’t spill, clean your bag when it inevitably spills, use the nasty office kitchen sponge, etc) aren’t worth the benefits for me. I also really like getting out of the office for a few minutes every day. Therefore, the colorful collection of salad Tupperware has got to go.

Trash Freebie item of the day is a bag of potpourri (with a candy cane attached to it, not sure why) and there is absolutely no reason why this should be taking up space anywhere in our apartment (or the world). And while a pair of bike valve adapters takes up a minimal amount of space, they still never fulfilled their intended purpose. I think in my ideal world I would have a huge workshop in which I fix everything because I know how to fix everything (including my bike) but in the real world I don’t have enough space or time to explore how much of a handy(wo)man I really am. Bye bye bike valve adapters.

The last item of the day (number 21 in total) is an Easter Island themed fish tank decorative statue. Our time caring for fish was short and sad. It started with a friend moving out of town and putting his fish’s life in our hands. He survived for less than a week. I like to to think that it was from a broken heart because his daddy moved to Los Angeles (sometimes it is appropriate to lie to yourself.) We were sad and wanted to give it another shot so we picked up a little buddy from Petco and tried to make his domicile extra pretty (which obviously called for an Easter Island statue.) He too didn’t make it for very long. We decided fish were too fragile for us and wanted to see if we could keep a slightly more robust mammal alive. We almost got a Chinchilla but with a price tag of about 150 dollars, my wife (then girlfriend) said “we might as well get a dog.” That made sense to me and we found the perfect little rescue dog that same day.


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2 Responses to The Minimalism Challenge – Day 6

  1. Jen says:

    Nice finds! Sometimes it’s best to be honest with yourself and just admit you’re not going to be taking salads to work anytime soon.

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