The Minimalism Challenge – Day 4

On the menu for Day 4 (items 7, 8, 9, and 10) are an empty beer case, a never (maybe once) used calf stretching device, a tennis ball, and a pair of plastic flip flops. It’s basically a bunch of garbage but of course there’s a reason why these items haven’t ended up in the trash. If there were no reason, there would be no story to tell and this blog post would be over.

So here we go, starting with the empty beer case, which has been in my possession since our recent ski vacation to Colorado over Christmas. It was my day off and I roamed the sunny streets of Frisco, got a massage, sat in a cute book store, did some shopping, and stopped by the liquor store. When I saw that there was a Shane McConkey IPA for sale in the liquor store, I couldn’t resist. He was one of my wife’s favorite ski heroes and after seeing a movie about his life I took a liking to him as well. He didn’t care what anyone thought of him, he simply did what made him happy (which included skiing naked in snobby ski resorts.) I thought I could find a cool way to turn the empty beer case into something artsy but that clearly hasn’t happened so it needs to go and Shane lives on in our memory either way.

The calf stretcher, well that was just a waste of money. I bought it during a trip to Vermont in a sad empty mall, lying to myself that I would use it to take better care of my legs. Never did. If my wife reads this she will say “I told you so,” which is everyone’s favorite sentence to say to their spouse.

I’m not sure where the solitary tennis ball came from. Julie and I both grew up watching the 90s tennis heroes (Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Steffi Graf – I LOVE her) to name a few. We don’t need an old tennis ball sitting on top of our book shelf to remember that special era.

The flip flops – they’re ugly, terrible for your feet, and would cost less than five bucks to replace, should I ever absolutely need them but I can’t think of a single situation in which I would.


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