The Minimalism Challenge – Day 3

I am back in the closet (no pun intended) for items number 4, 5, and 6. Today seems like a great day to get rid of some t-shirts. I have always had a ton of t-shirts and I probably always will (unless this little challenge turns me into a full blown minimalist, whatever that means). Basketball shirts, running shirts, sleeping shirts, souvenir shirts, beach shirts, shirts to wear under shirts… they’re easy to amass because each individual one doesn’t take up a lot of space and they are often an easy purchase or a given away as part of an event.

The first shirt is a souvenir from a bobsledding experience we (my wife and I) did in Lake Placid back in February 2014. It was a ski trip for our first anniversary, almost exactly one year after we met. We stayed in a little dog-friendly motel just down the road from Whiteface Mountain. My skiing skills were still rather rudimentary but we had fun. Lake Placid hosted the Winter Olympics twice (in 1932 & 1980) and the really neat thing is that many of the venues are still being used by recreational and world class athletes alike. I was able to convince Julie to take a day off from the slopes to check out the ski jumps (that sport is absolutely insane) and the sledding venue. I grew up watching the Olympics with my family so seeing what these Olympic athletes saw before they jumped, sledded, and skied into the biggest moments of their lives was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences for me. Flying down the icy tunnels in a bobsled was unforgettable. The shirt, however, is very forgettable, in fact it’s pretty ugly. It served as sleeping shirt for a few nights but that’s about it.

Shirt number 2 is another one of those sleeping shirts, at best. It was given to us (whenever I say ‘us’ I typically refer to my wife and I, unless otherwise specified) while getting a watch adjusted at a Michael Kors Store. The watch was adjusted for free, the shirt(s) cost us a small donation. We probably would have donated the money for the good cause without being promised a shirt although it did seem cool at the time (anything looks cool when worn by a beautiful store representative). Now, after washing it, it’s bent out of shape and not really all that cool anymore. It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be, not really a crop top, not really flowy, but definitely not flattering at all.

Shirt number 3 is another one that doesn’t know what it wants to be. It actually says “semi-fitted” – what the hell does that even mean? For some athletic activities I prefer fitted shirts, while a loose fit might be better suited for others. That’s probably why I haven’t worn this one a whole lot…

So far this little challenge/game is pretty easy. I’m afraid that I will eat my words once Day 10 rolls around but I’m already starting to gain more clarity about what adds value to my life and what is worth spending my money on.



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