The Sun Ray War

Never is he fight for Vitamin D more vicious than on the first nice day after a six month long winter in New York City. Every piece of green real estate becomes quickly occupied as blankets and half naked bodies spread out. Lines for outdoor cafes are longer than at the Apple store the morning of the newest Iphone release. The one word that comes to mind over and over again is mayhem. Tempers run high as joggers are clotheslined by dog leashes; bikes collide with strollers; rollerbladers have to skate at olympic level to save their lives; and parents put their children in harm’s way to teach them how to ride. Bike bells, barks, the cries of children, and “What the fuck are you doing?” overpower the laughter and happy chatter. During my bike ride, I kept shaking my head involuntarily as I braved the battlefield and experienced never before seen levels of obliviousness. I asked myself questions such as “why would you put your 3-year old on a bike with training wheels on this day?” and “Did these two shirtless jocks with shaved chests on citibikes take a wrong turn on their way to Venice Beach?” But then I realized that it might not be a choice to participate in this war. After being pent up in apartments the size of walk in closets and having to wear winter coats well into april, what are the humans of New York supposed to do? And where are parents supposed to teach their children how to ride their bikes in the absence of driveways, quiet sidewalks, and safe streets? While the urge for fresh air and sun is uncontrollable,  there are things that we can control to make this war less violent. We can make the choice to not ride next to each other on the bike path to let those who are faster pass. We can put helmets on our children’s heads. And last but not least we can try harder to understand that yelling “what the fuck” does not create more space. I sincerely pray that there will be no casualties in this war and that we can all laugh about how exhausting it was to get some sun. Here is to a great summer in the city I love and hate so dearly.


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3 Responses to The Sun Ray War

  1. Thisboysmind says:

    Hi there.

    Long time no post.
    Hope you survived the sun ray war…

    How is NYC these days?

  2. Thisboysmind says:

    Greetings, m’lady.

    I am well and unstabbed, a rare combination in the current political climate of my Heimatland, so I guess I’m doing good.
    Got fired last week, but, since I try to view life as an awfully big adventure, that’s not a bad thing.

    Funnily enough, I’m thinking about visiting your loved and hated city for thanksgiving, to see some friends, pick up the spare attractions I missed, and eat my way through the city’s best food.

    I barely survived my January 2014 visit, which included standing in line for a Cronut (30 minutes, worth it) and for Broadway tickets (two hours, Book of Mormon, pretty good) in brass monkey weather, and I’m hoping for more fortunate circumstances this time.

    So, what’s good on Broadway and ChikaLicious ?

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