150 reasons to enjoy what there is to enjoy

Yesterday morning at the gym I saw something about a plane crash out of the corner of my eye on one of the TVs but didn’t pay much attention to it. Two hours later, just as I was getting to work, my sister told me about it how this certainly did not help her in trying to get over her fear of flying. The plane that crashed was German. No, I didn’t know anyone on the flight but it hit home pretty hard, it really shook me. Reading articles about the 16 high school kids that were on their way home to a small town in Germany after a spanish exchange program gave me chills. I can feel the pain of those parents who will never get to hug their children again and the devastation of a school and a town that will have to find a new way to live because life as they know it has ended. There are many reasons why this piece of bad news affects me more than the many others that we are confronted with every day, but I’m surprised by how emotional this makes me.

Emotions always surface when I dedicate time to my buddhist practice. I chant and I pray to bring out my buddha nature, to be awake, to understand life. The instance I sat down and chanted today, tears started streaming down my face as I couldn’t stop thinking about the 150 lives that were taken in the french alps and the countless people whose lives will never be the same because of it. Tonight, my practice was for them. I rang my little bell 150 times and cried at least 150 tears. I made 150 promises to myself to keep trying to beat myself in my own race every day. Some days I’ll win, some days I’ll lose but I’ll enjoy the race. Life is weird, scary, overwhelming, exciting, funny and breathtakingly beautiful when we least expect it. I’m so glad that tomorrow I get to try again to make the most of all of that.

descanse en paz
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4 Responses to 150 reasons to enjoy what there is to enjoy

  1. thank God there are still people out there who have strong emotions and thoughts for others, even unknown to them. Bravo Katja!… your post moved me and thenk you for that.
    The feelings will keep the world go round…Everybody needs them!

  2. Marco says:

    Ich lese gerade, dass Du den Buddhismus praktizierst. Ich kann Dir das Buch von Eckhart Tolle “JETZT! Die Kraft der Gegenwart!” sehr empfehlen. Möglicherweise ist das ein Thema das Dich genauso interessiert wie mich. Wir sind alle EINS 😉

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