Life Quality

If you’re reading this I want to thank you for checking in, really! I know I have been gone for way too long. I got wrapped up in this thing called life, which has mostly been revolving around a new love and a new job. After living the dream as a professional athlete and after losing it all to a nightmare-injury I tried to let myself dream again. The path led back to NYC and now I’m here, on the 28th floor in Tribeca, able to watch the sunset every night (if I get home from work early enough) before falling asleep in my girlfriend’s arms. It’s a good life to say the least but yet I catch myself sighing and struggling and wanting more life quality. But what do I want more of? What is life quality? First thing to do when you don’t know what something is: ask the dictionary. One simple definition I found is “the general well-being of a person or society, defined in terms of health and happiness, rather than wealth.”

Ok, so I have health and happiness, no wealth but no financial worries either, which means I have plenty of life quality, right? Wrong because I haven’t done nearly enough of all the things that I see as critical parts of my happiness. “Things” like reading, writing, chanting, talking to family and friends, making new friends, going for walks, listening to music, learning. But whose fault is that? Who other than myself is responsible for making time for those things? I haven’t done enough of any of it lately because when I get home from work, there’s the bed and the TV and I choose to go for it because it’s easy. The important word here is “choose”. I have a choice between feeling bad for myself for being exhausted from work and doing something that makes me happy and keeps me healthy. Today I made the right choice by writing this blog post, which has made it all so much clearer. Clear thoughts should lead to a good night’s sleep, which should lead to a productive Friday in the office, which should lead to less anxiety and less exhaustion during my weekend, which then should lead to making time for the things that create happiness and health in my life. Virtuous cycle instead of vicious cycle.

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3 Responses to Life Quality

  1. Marios says:

    I loved this post… It combines sensitivity and logic. Anylitical thinking to clear the mind… Really great! 🙂

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