Hall of Fame

Today Susan Wicks will be celebrated at the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Game for becoming a  member of the Hall of Fame. Rutgers is the place where she started breaking records long before I knew that this beautiful game existed. Rutgers is also the place where she coached before she joined the coaching staff at St. Francis, which I must consider as one of the luckiest days in my life. I never got to see her play but I got to experience her passion for this game and her passion for life. She’s famous for being a basketball player, for scoring points and getting rebounds but she would deserve to be in so many different Hall of Fames if they existed. For coaching, for friendship, for making people smile, for being a gay rights activist, for caring about this society, for being a great yogi, for making silly videos, for being humble.

Sue, you are never 100% comfortable in the spotlight but today you should enjoy every second of it as a representation of all the goodness that you stand for. You always praise others (and especially me) but now it’s my turn to praise you and tell you how much of a difference you make in this world. You could have been successful in anything but you chose basketball and I’m so glad you did because it brought you into my orbit. I feel brave for writing this because there are no words that are big enough to capture your personality.

Enjoy those special moments. Namaste.


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