2012 – like Whoa!

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way but let me say it anyway – 2012 just vanished on me. It felt like a week or a month but certainly not like a whole year with 365 days. Maybe the fact that I woke up happy on at least 360 out of those 365 days has something to do with it going by so fast. As much as living in the moment is a valuable concept, I wanted to sit down and think about what I actually did besides being happy. There were a lot of firsts, and maybe they’re the most important ones to remember because they remind me that I actually did get a lot out of this amazing city and didn’t just study and work.

I went to Radio City Music Hall and saw a Cirque de Soleil Show. I saw Avenue Q and found a whole new appreciation for the word Schadenfreude and realized that everyone’s a little bit racist, you too. I became a grad student and paid ridiculous tuition bills. I learned to say no when people asked me if I’m a basketball player. I dined in the dark. I experienced a Hurricane. I auditioned as a bartender in a Coyote Ugly bar. I met a person from Iceland, who is now one of my best friends. I kissed a stranger on the subway. I climbed camelback mountain in Phoenix. I took my buddhist practice to the next level by joining the SGI. I saw the Williams Sisters lose their doubles match at the US Open. I took a trip to an American Emergency Room. I ate at a German restaurant in NYC. I started listening to classical music. I ran a 5k with nine screws and a metal plate in my leg. I walked on the sunny side of the street. I marveled at Alvin Ailey’s dancers. I played photo model for a day. I managed to eat my muffin and drink my coffee, while holding on to the pole and reading fifty shades of grey on my kindle in an overcrowded morning rush hour subway car. Only New Yorkers do that. I’m happy to be one, the same way I am happy to be a German girl. I don’t know where life will take me after I graduate in May. I just know I will stay happy because I found happiness within myself, independent of people or circumstances in my life. You should give it a try, it makes it all so much easier.

Absolute Happiness
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5 Responses to 2012 – like Whoa!

  1. You did a whole lot in a year. I don’t think I am so found of the kissing stranger thing in the subway 🙂 You graduate in May? That is crazy!!!

  2. Thisboysmind says:

    Hi Katja, or should I say Kate Monster?

    That’s an impressive list, and it doesn’t even include your blog.
    It raises more questions such as: What happened at the audition? Where can I find you on the eightfold path? was the subway stranger conscious?

    Hope your 2013 trumps 2012.
    I know mine will (been an awful year.)

    Trekkie Monster

    • Hi Trekkie Monster,

      the audition showed me that I do have a wild side in me but that the stomping, which was an integral part of the dancing routine at the particular location, does not agree with my damaged knees. The subway stranger was conscious and willing.

      Sorry to hear that you had a bad 2012, I’m sure this one will more than make up for it! 🙂

      Keep on trekking!

  3. harishuci says:

    Hi Katja, Love your optimistic attitude here. Best wishes

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