Bye Bye Bionic Woman

Peri-loc plateFour weeks from now I will have to part with the parts that helped me walk since last May. It’s been a long road to recovery and although I don’t love having surgery, I am very excited that they will cut me open one more time to remove my hardware. The recovery will be like the home stretch of a long race. I’ve already won because I’m walking and because I didn’t let a crushed bone and a crushed hoop dream crush me.
Of course without the bionic component I will be less of a bad ass but I can handle that. I guess good girl describes me better than bad ass in most situations anyway. So no more sob stories about how I have all this metal in my leg when I explain to people why I don’t play basketball (anymore). The times when the throbbing in my knee was more accurate than the NY1 weather forecast will also be over. But that’s what I have my smartphone for. What I’m trying to say is… I’m ready. Ready to wake up without a screw pinching into my muscle (or where ever that pain is coming from…), ready to take care of my scar because now it’s going to be worth it, ready to give getting my muscles back another try. My basketball career is over but maybe I can make a comeback, not in a nice big arena but somewhere on some court, shooting hoops with good friends. Today when I took a walk in the neighborhood I heard that sound, that sound that still can create one of my favorite melodies. I heard a basketball bounce, and my heartbeat was instantly in sync with it. I know that one day we will rekindle our love, basketball and I. I don’t know how and I don’t know where but being metal-free will make it a whole lot easier.
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3 Responses to Bye Bye Bionic Woman

  1. Sargenta G says:

    You are an inspiration and I know you will accomplish everything you set your mind to.

  2. charles963 says:

    Dear Katja!

    You have been through so much with your leg injury. God Bless you.

    After looking at the size of the metal bracket (what do they call it?), I can imagine you going through the airport metal detectors. I am sure traveling by air will be easier :-). This would be the most complicated part for me—trying to explain to some distant airport security official the fact that no matter what piece of clothing I removed, I was still setting off the metal detector!. I think it is something that belongs on the coffee table, in a glass case 😉

    More seriously, my most positive thoughts and best wishes are with you as you head into surgery to get it removed.

    Best Regards,


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