Just like a bruise

Have you ever run into a coffee table and felt it but then just laughed it off because it was so stupid? Only to wake up the next morning and have this throbbing pain in your leg… painful enough to make you start thinking if you should blame the coffee table or yourself, or if you should just accept it as a fact of life that you run into shit once in a while and it really makes no sense blaming anyone. The bruise takes a while to go away but on day 2 or 3 after the “incident”, you can laugh about it again. Yes, it did hurt but there was no permanent damage done. Except for the fact that now your coffee table and every other table in this world look suspicious for a while. Until the bruise is gone and you forget all about it and you’re ready to run into shit again…

As the intelligent readers that you are, you are probably very aware that I’m not really talking about coffee tables. I’m talking about the bruises that people leave. When they hurt/disappoint you (intentionally or not), you often laugh about it, the next day you feel the pain, and the day after that you can laugh about it again but at the same time keep your distance. The question is: do you let that person rub the bruise for you, do you believe that they want to make it better? Or in other words, how close to the coffee table do you walk? In extreme cases you might just want to get that thing out of your house but in most cases it’s a matter of time until you get close to it again. There is no universal answer for this, obviously. It depends on the severity of the bruise, on the nature of the table and on how much you like it, on how well you think it fits into your life.

It depends on the person and their character whether you give them the benefit of the doubt, and if you let them take care of your bruises. Telling them to go to hell is easy and makes you look much tougher but nobody said life is easy and nobody mandates how tough you have to be. So after all the risking, dreaming, caring, expecting, laughing, getting disappointed, letting go and laughing some more is done, it’s time to do it all over again. Such is life and I love every second of it!

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3 Responses to Just like a bruise

  1. charles963 says:

    Hi Katja,

    I liked your coffee table story! One would hope that after banging into the table enough times, one might move it to a part of the room where it would be less likely to cause trouble, sand its edges or shift its function so that it would begin to serve a different purpose—one that would not expose one’s legs to such trauma! Bumps and bruises are life’s greatest teachers. It is not the things we do right that teach us but the things we get wrong—the bruises. So move the table! ;-). Changing metaphors a bit impertinently: the wheel turns, not in the same place but to a new place.
    Best Wishes,

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