Life Changers

When I had to figure out my Plan B after basketball, my first instinct was to go back to NYC. There are many reasons why I love this place so much but two stood out the most: Sue and Margie. They have supported and impacted me in a way that is so much more valuable than anything else. But I’m not the only person whose life they’re having a positive impact on. Let me introduce these two beautiful women, who have made me smile so many times:

Sue is short for Susan Wicks. If you know anything about basketball, you know who she is. She’s a legend, a hall of famer and also a great coach, which I luckily got to experience for two of my four years at St. Francis College. What makes her stand out as a coach – and as a friend – is her ability to see a player’s or person’s true potential and find creative ways to help them reach it. I know it was hard for her to end her career as a basketball player, I know it wasn’t easy to find a new path. But now she has found it in Fight 2B Fit, which is a holistic fitness program that she created for kids with the mission to fight childhood obesity and help kids gain confidence, to be in touch with themselves and their environment. As a coach she sometimes got frustrated when her players resisted becoming better. Children are more open, more earnest, more willing to try new things – they allow Sue to give them her all and that’s what makes Fight 2B Fit so special. There’s an honest connection, a mutual understanding. I have seen the bright smiles on the kids’ faces when I helped Sue with clinics – and every smiling child was worth the hard work it took to build this program. I was there a year ago when things were just starting to shape and I was there last Tuesday when she signed up the first two schools in New Jersey. We had about 130 kids that day and received 130 smiles, 130 promises to not drink soda for a day and 130 commitments to the code of honor. These children give you all the energy in the world and take it right back out of you. They give and they take wholeheartedly. They are real and so is Sue. Fight 2B Fit will be big, if not in numbers it will be in impact, in value to society, in terms of paying it forward. Susan Wicks is a basketball legend but more than anything she’s a soldier of love and an ambassador of happiness. If you want to find out more about Fight 2B Fit, please visit the website or the facebook page with current pictures and updates.

Some children weren’t so fortunate to have their lives steered in the right direction by someone like Sue and so there are many overweight adults in the city. Overweight as a product of their environment, of their culture, overweight because they try to eat their worries away. Margie used to be one of them. After having to give up on her hoop dreams she just worked to pay the bills, kept her head above water, tried to make the best out of it. But she wasn’t happy, wasn’t being her best version. She held back because of loyalty, because of thinking she couldn’t do things. It’s unfortunate that it took the death of her aunt to shake her and put her on the right path but what matters is that she woke up and where she is now and it’s an amazing place. It’s a place of abundance after realizing how much potential as an athlete and as a trainer she still had in her. It all started out with a challenge that Yusuf Myers gave her after she reached out to him. “Do this for 14 days and we can talk”. Well, she did everything he asked for and more, she lost weight and started shining. Views on my blog skyrocketed, facebook and instagram blew up. Everyone wanted that change and Margie wanted to help them get it. So Margie and Yusuf started the first 14 days challenge with about 15 people and all of them were amazing. Their hard work and energy was the foundation for PRX14 – the Pure Results Extreme 14 days challenge. PRX14 is something that people want and need. And it’s not just good because it works, it’s great because both Margie and Yusuf really care. They’ve lived through the same struggle, they have beautiful souls and all they want is for people to uncover their beautiful souls underneath the fat and the insecurities. PRX14 gives you a chance to find the athlete within you, to cleanse your body inside and out. If you need a change and give the program 100%, these 14 days will change your life. Follow Margie and Yusuf on Instagram: MissPRX and Yusufmyers or check out the facebook page to stay tuned. There’s also an amazing video and the email for more information.

Why am I telling you all this? Not because I want to promote what my friends are doing, they don’t need me for that – they will be successful either way. I’m telling you this because I want you to walk through this life with eyes and hearts wide open. We can all be life changers, we can all give back to the people around us. Don’t limit yourself, don’t think that things are the way they are and can never be changed. Life is change, changing means living and being a life changer is the highest form of living.

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