Olympic Break

I just realized that two weeks have passed since my last post and my last stop on my virtual tour around the world. Two weeks between posts is against the blogger law but the only thing that matters right now are those 5 magic rings. I’m watching just about every sport, feeling the pain and glory of winners and losers, jumping with the horses over obstacles, cursing out fencing referees although I have no idea what the rules are. What these people do there in London is superhuman and that’s far more important than blogging my way around the world. Let’s see which Jamaican flash will light up London in a few minutes…


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One Response to Olympic Break

  1. Alex Herges says:

    Yeah, about cursing out the fencing officials…
    At about the same time two german gymnasts were cheated out of medals in the Vault competiton. Two Germans on place 1 and 2 and only three more athletes waiting. The first one completely went off the mat after the landing and finished with bronze, the next one landed on her ass and got silver.
    But the worst part about these things? Outside of the Olympics hardly anybody cares about these sports. Sad but true.

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