Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 9: Nederland

What a great night to get this post about Holland up after our German boys just won the historic match up 2-1 thanks to Mr. Gomez (yeah I know he sounds Mexican but he’s German and right now the only one who hits the goal). Anyway, it’s not like I really care but it couldn’t go unmentioned that Deutschland beat the Oranje – again…

I unfortunately do not speak much more Dutch than the word Oranje but I can also tell you that Nederland means something like “lower country”. Low in this case means that a quarter of the country’s area lies below sea level. Which is why the city planners in Amsterdam did a heck of a job keeping the people’s feet dry.  When you land at Schiphol Airport, you are actually four meters below sea level. Schiphol also happens to be one of my favorite airports. I never had a bad experience there. The funny thing is that I’ve actually never been to Amsterdam, which probably makes me pretty rare amongst my German friends.

When I travel through Amsterdam, the KLM crews consistently speak dutch to me until they finally notice the helpless look on my face and proceed with the conversation in English. The reason why they consider me a dutch sister is most likely not my love for Gouda but my height, because the Dutch are the tallest people in the world, with an average height of an adult person of 6’1” (at least that’s what the www says). This invisible bond between us tall people always makes them give me some extra attention when it comes to making me somewhat comfortable on the by nature uncomfortable airplanes. I’m a KLM fan. Of course the royal airlines aren’t the only thing I’m going to praise here…

German Beer & real Dutch Cheese – great combination

A few things I like: Again – I love Gouda. I grew up with Gouda. I probably had Gouda on my lunch sandwiches on 4 out of 5 school days every week for 13 years. Thanks Miss Antje (advertisement icon here in Germany).

I also like the bike culture in Holland. Not the one where people in Amsterdam take bikes and throw them into the canals for fun; the one that accepts the bike as one of the main modes of transport and provides over 10,000 miles of bike paths. There are twice as many bikes in the Netherlands as there are cars. That alone makes it worth living in Holland.

A few things I don’t like: I like the language but it drives me crazy that I really can’t speak or understand too much when the nice KLM stewardesses talk to me. It’s so similar to German but almost doesn’t count…

Places I’ve been to: I saw a lot of highways when I drove from Germany to Spain when I played basketball in Hondarribia. I also remember playing in Nijmegen with the National team. But I have basically visited Holland’s airport, its roads, a few gyms and hotels. I once went to Groningen with my family which is a popular destination for German shoppers.

Places I still want to go to: I’m hoping to make it out of Schiphol and into Amsterdam City one day. I also would like to see Rotterdam and some pretty places along the coast.

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4 Responses to Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 9: Nederland

  1. Bert Meijers says:

    Na, das hat mich gefreut, dass du jetzt über die Niederlande geschrieben hast! Du hast wirklich Talent zum schreiben.
    Ein Fussballfan bin ich auch nicht so…aber ich mag Gouda. Wenn ich dir ein Tipp geben darf, es gibt eine Käsesorte namens “Beemster,” der ist auch sehr gut.
    Amsterdam könnte ich dich auch mal zeigen, ich bin ein paar Mal dagewesen, es gibt dort viel zu sehen. Ja, wie wär’s damit, wir gehen mal nach Amsterdam, holen uns dort Gouda und Beemster und dann kann ich dir auch gleich etwas Holländisch lernen ;).

  2. Thisboysmind says:

    I have a different theory as to why the KLM crew address you in Dutch.

    Since you are what you eat and you ate lots and lots of Gouda for most of your childhood you probably took on some of the characteristics of the cheese.
    The cabin crew approach you, are struck by your familiar Dutch odor and naturally assume you are a country girl raised on a local cheese farm.

    It is also possible they assume you are Dutch because
    1 your name sounds more Dutch than German
    2 you have a friendly demeanor which they seldom associate with Germans
    3 most of the passengers they get on their DE-NL-US flights are Dutch and they are just playing the percentage.

    But personally I’m gonna go with the “you smell like a wheel of cheese” theory.

    • First of all… great theory! They should make this a fragrance lol. CK’s new unisex wheel of cheese 🙂
      Second – Germans are not associated with a friendly demeanor??? WHAT?

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