Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 7: Canada

After spending a few years in the US I have been exposed to many Canada jokes such as “You know that you’re from Canada when you find -40º C a little chilly” or “Only in Canada can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.” The point is: Canada is big and cold if nothing else. It is actually the 2nd largest country after Russia. I haven’t been there but I know I will go one day soon. Maybe I’ll finally hop on a bus to the Niagara Falls when I need a little study break next semester. Or I’ll fall in love with a sled dog owner and we’ll happily spend the rest of our days lost in the snow. I like nature and snow and open spaces so I’m naturally rather a Canada fan, which is why I will only write about the things I like…

… A few good reasons to go to Canada:

  • They speak French there and I like multilingual countries for some reason. Why not learn French in Canada.
  • They have a great anthem. Oh Canada, Oh Canada… I hope there’ll be Canadian Gold in London but I might have to wait for the next Winter Olympics.
  • Montreal has an Underground System for Pedestrians! Way to counteract the domination of cars and create urban spaces for pedestrians. Makes my transportation planner heart skip a beat.
  • Maple Syrup! It must be so good in its home country, like Bratwust in Germany, quesadillas in Mexico and red wine in France…
  • They have a beautiful flag! I always enjoy photographing the star spangled banner but l’Unifolié is very nice to look at as well and I’m sure it’s highly visible everywhere. If Canadians and Americans have one thing in common it must be patriotism…

Here are some pics of  my Canadian fantasies:

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