Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 6: Mexico

I have no idea why so many people in Mexico would read this blog but I’m glad I get to write about it. Whenever I hear the word Mexico my first thought goes out to my cousin Siegmar Schulz, who moved there (to Merida) from Germany a few years ago and is now happily married and a proud father. The cousins in my family have never been exceptionally close but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t all connected and to me there’s a special bond between those who tried and found their luck far away from our home in Northern Germany. Siggi recently became a business owner  when he opened his own language school and if you want to combine fun in the sun and learning spanish, the Spanish Center Merida should be your next destination.

I personally haven’t made it to Mexico but that’s an item on my long bucket-travel list. I want to see everything worth seeing and not just get stuck in an americanized resort. Maybe I’ll start in Merida with a family reunion and take it from there. For now, let me put in my uneducated two cents about this wonderful country:

A few things I like: Tacos & Burritos; the work ethic – NYC in its current state wouldn’t function without the thousands of mexican workers who never sleep to make sure that the city never sleeps; the Music – nothing makes a long subway ride from the Bronx to Brooklyn more enjoyable than a Mexican guy with a hat, a guitar and a song that goes straight to the heart. And last but not least at all: SPEEDY GONZALES 🙂

A few things I don’t like: The gang violence and overall crime down there. I only know about it from documentaries and movies (Sin Nombre is a MUST SEE!!) but it makes me shiver. I don’t know how it can be stopped but it’s one of those topics that needs to receive more attention on an international level. Maybe the United States can pay a little more attention to their neighbors.

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7 Responses to Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 6: Mexico

  1. Victor L says:

    Holai Katja,
    lejos de la parte norte de México, en ningún otro lado los burritos son famosos. Lo que usalmente se come en México son las quesadillas (de queso, flor de calabaza, de champiñones, de sesos, de panza, etc.) los tacos famosos son los de pastor, alambre, carnitas (pork), cabeza (beef head), tripa, suadero y longaniza. También son muy famosos sus “sopas” el pozole, la pancita o menudo, sopa azteca, etc.. Merida es una ciudad fantástica, su gastronomía es excelente. Ahí vive mi hermana con mi sobrino y serás bienvenida cuando gustes.

    Un saludos

    • Hola Victor,

      muchas gracias por la lección culinaria 😉
      Las quesadillas también me encantan!
      Dónde vives tu y cual es tu comida favorita?



      • Victor L says:

        Vivo en la Ciudad de México y definitivamente mi comida favorita son los tacos de tripa, aunque la cochinita pibil también me encanta.


  2. Hallo,

    Gruss von einer anderen Deutschen in Mexiko. Ich habe wie Dein Cousin mein erstes Jahr im schönen Merida gelebt, wohne deweil allerdings in Cancun. Liebe Grüsse aus der Sonne!

    • Hola,

      vielen Dank fuer die sonnigen Gruesse!
      Hab gerade mal dein Blog ueberflogen, hoert sich nach nem interessanten Leben an 🙂
      Ich hoffe ich schaffs bald mal nach Mexiko!
      Liebe Gruesse aus (dem im Moment sonnigen) Norddeutschland!

      • Wenn Du schon Familie hast vor Ort hast musst Du unbedingt mal Mexiko besuchen. Wahrscheinlich wirst Du nicht mehr gehen wollen! :))

        Liebe Gruesse

  3. Siegmar says:

    Bueno, tambien hay bastantes lugares aqui en Merida donde uno puede disfrutar de unos ricos burritos! Obviamente con carne de res o de pastor, claro. Además hay delicias aqui, como la famosa cochinita que se come normalmente los domingos en la mañana, que en el norte ni conocen.


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