Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 4: United Kingdom

We’re swimming 25 miles across the English Channel from Calais to Dover. Ok let’s take the ferry instead and it’s just a hop and a skip to England, I mean Great Britain, I mean United Kingdom… I guess if I really thought about it I could explain to you in simple terms what the difference is but if you need some additional information you all are educated enough to wiki it. I visited the UK a few times on tour with the German National Team but I’m not by any means an expert nor have I even been to London.  Which leads me right to telling you what parts I actually got to see…

Places I’ve been to: Liverpool – great city!! It’s a well done combination of old and new, they really did an amazing job in keeping John’s, Paul’s, George’s and Ringo’s spirit alive. The GB girls also did a great job kicking our asses in a brand-spanking new arena (side effects of London 2012!!). Beautiful gym, ugly game – one of those that I remember because of the frustration that it caused.

The picture to your left shows my friend Kim Butler trying to score on me in the amazing Liverpool arena. I believe that blocking shots was the only thing I did well during that game so I might have gotten her on that one. Kim is now preparing to be an Olympian in her home country and I am ecstatic for her! The Olympic Games are a dream that I will most likely keep dreaming but I’m happy for all the lucky people who will live it this summer in the UK. Kick Ass and take care of those old knees, Kim!


Wales – it is small and charming, it has a lot of history, it’s green and wet, the airport is tiny and the basketball memory couldn’t have been a good one either because I really don’t remember.


Places I still want to see: London – duh!  And the coasts around Cornwall that they always show in Rosamunde Pilcher movies. I don’t know enough about this Island to know what’s hot and what’s not so I’m sure this list should really include many more places.

A few things I like: The language – Bloody Bastard has so much more style than Fuckin Asshole;  Lady Diana – RIP. I sometimes wonder if the world would be less messed up if she were still alive.

A few things I don’t like: London Heathrow Airport – nothing but stress and bad memories; English tourists in Mallorca (I’m sure they don’t like us Germans either…); the currency – why does it feel like I have to give $20 for one pound?!

I’m sure I snapped some pictures when I was over there but I don’t have them here. Enjoy a typical Rosamunde Pilcher panoramic view instead. Courtesy of google image search “Cornwall”

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