Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 3: La France

From my last stop and home country, Germany it’s really just a hop and a skip over to France. My first time visiting France was when I was 13 for an exchange week with my tennis club. Those days are long gone but I went back a few times with the German National Team for friendly games. The Frenchies’ women’s basketball squad is pretty good!

I took French for 7 years in high school but because I never really had to apply my skills my knowledge is very basic, just enough to survive a 5-hr layover at Charles-de-Gaulle International Airport… I always enjoy refreshing it though and I can actually say a little more than “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?” and “Je t’aime”. Although those are certainly essential phrases and so famous because French people have – as we all know – the reputation of being great lovers. I never got to try it out but just listening to an authentic french accent gives me “joy” – you could call me anything in a french accent or in french and I would still smile at you and find you wonderful…

Places I’ve been to: Paris! Not a very exotic destination within France, I know,  but certainly a must-go! This city is simply beautiful. It almost seems as if there is not one ugly building (I know that can’t be true but that’s the experience you get as a tourist). Paris is also very BIG and driving through the Arc de Triomphe with its 500 lanes in my little VW Polo got my heart pumping faster than riding a roller-coaster.

Biarritz and Saint-Jean de Luz: if you want natural beauty you must come to the Basque country which is located on the south-western corner of France and north-eastern corner of Spain. I got lucky enough to live on the Spanish side for 2 and a half years and always enjoyed the quick trips across the border

Places I still want to see: Too many to name them all. France is another one of those countries that just have it all: Culinary Culture, Beaches for the summer vacation, quiet natural coasts, mountains, ski resorts. Hopefully I’ll get to do a Tour de France one day – maybe even on my bike.

A few things I like: The anthem (La Marseillaise) – Croissants – Café au Lait

A few things I don’t like: Stand up toilets – the fact that they dip EVERYTHING in their coffee.

Vive la France!

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6 Responses to Around the World in 67 Blog Posts – Stop 3: La France

  1. Cabbie Notes says:

    Love Paris. I agree that there seems impossible to find one ugly building in the city. One place off the beaten track I found when last there was Pere LaChaise Cemetery. Have you been? Amazing monuments and architectural details in honor of those who’ve passed on. I have a post about it if you’re interested. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

  2. Fernando says:

    No podía faltar Francia con su encanto y que mejor que a través de tus ojos Katja… que bueno que mencionas Biarritz, desde que lo ví en la película “Hors de Prix” de Audrey Tautou en que sale el hotel du Palais siempre he querido visitarlo… PD Coincido en lo importante de practicar el idioma.. yo estudié francés 2 años en la universidad y apenas sostendría una conversación muy básica (además de que cuando preguntaba por la razón de alguna pronunciación la maestra me respondía que para que se escuchara más bonito al hablarlo)….

  3. leo says:

    Nice description,Katja:))))))))))
    By the way, italian men have better reputation may be….ha!ha!ha!:)))))))))))))
    Left You my email address:))))))))))))
    Let’s keep in touch:)))))))))))))
    Ciao Ciao Bellissima:))))))))))))

    • Haha I’m guessing you’re Italian 🙂
      Your country should come up eventually…
      ciao ciao! 😉

      • leo says:

        Ha!Ha!Si’ si’,You’re right:))))))))))))))
        So…..I’m waiting ….updates!ha!ha!ha!:))))))))))))))))
        Really amazing your sense of humour ,You are simple,funny(I’m a little bit crazy too,as You probably understood!ha!ha!ha!) and in the same with great class=You are a wonderful cocktail,better,a SUPER TASTY LONG(i’m guessing You’re very tall) DRINK,I would say!ha!ha!ha!:))))))))))))))))))))) :)))))))))))))))))))
        Would be really so glad to send You my photos,or songs ,etc.if You should drop me a line there:)))))))))))))))))
        Ciao ciao e tanti(many) bacioni(big kisses),Bellissima!:)))))))))))))))))))

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