Around the world in 67 blog posts – Stop 1: USA

It’s been about a month since my first blog post. It was and still is more self-therapy than anything else but the number of views have been much more than I anticipated. I thought my good friends would read it out of obligation and a few Facebook friends might be curious. Having Margie’s transformation as such a wonderful and interesting subject over the course of the past 2 weeks certainly increased the number of views but the WordPress Statistics feature tells me something that not even Margie’s flat stomach can explain: People from 67 different countries from all continents have looked at my blog at least once until today. I find that exciting and that’s why I decided to take a journey around the world. I will start where I have the most readers and end in countries where one person is interested in living large. My first travel destination is the USA where I am currently sitting and taking a break from my travel demand forecasting project work.

Places I have been to: In case you haven’t caught on to it yet – I live in NYC and I love it here (99% of the time). I have also visited lots of other places on the East Coast (or in the Eastern part of this tiny country). Most of these visits were basketball related so that I only saw gyms and hotels but on some of them I got to see a little more like in Boston, Tampa and Chattanooga. I have also made it to the Wild Wild West – to Montana and Texas where a 2 hour drive is considered close by and where you’re allowed to shoot someone who trespasses your property. I had my fair share  of blowing money in Las Vegas, got a sunburn in Phoenix and walked down Hollywood Blvd in LA. Laguna Beach looks just like on TV…

Places I still want to go to: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Hawaii, Grand Canyon. Should be do-able if I stay blessed with many more years in this life-time.

A few things I like: New York City – Great Service – Natural Treasures (such as Yosemite National Park) – American Breakfast – Free Water in Restaurants – the flag  (she’s a beauty)

A few things I don’t like: Highways that ruin the cities –  Outrageous Tuition Fees – Annoying Immigration Regulations

One of my favorite Pictures: I took this when I crossed the street in LA, precisely when I crossed Sunset Boulevard – a well deserved name.

This country has everything because it’s so big. It has deserts, beaches, forests, snow, sun, mega cities, untouched nature. This is what forms the foundation for the famous American Dream. You can do whatever you wanna do however you like doing it. Let’s see if this will stay my dream and home away from home after I’m done with my Master next summer…

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3 Responses to Around the world in 67 blog posts – Stop 1: USA

  1. Thisboysmind says:

    Congrats on getting lots of views, i guess having words like “boobs” and “stripper” in your posts helps 🙂

    The last time I saw that good a picture of Sunset Boulevard it was black and white and shot by Billy Wilder.

    Like your list of places you wanna visit, but if I were from New Orleans I’d be hurt, first Katrina and now Katja.

    66 places to go, looks like a lot of midnight oil will burn and a lot of Wikipedia will be browsed.

    Hope to read more soon, educated guess says it’s either Germany or Spain.

  2. Fernando says:

    Congratulations for your first month and your international audience!! It will be a pleasure to read each of your 67 stops !! Great picture from sunset boulevard, it must be on a postcard, I did not know you were such a good photographer! 🙂

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