Mission Wonderwoman Day 10 & 11 – On your own two feet

Day 10 and 11? Really? 11 is very close to 14. Trust me, I’m an engineer… Allow me to do my self-therapy first before I get into how Miss Future Nike Model is doing. I’m officially done with the diet but I can also tell you that cookies, Reese’s cups and Pizza seem so much less appealing to me now that I got my body accustomed to Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Salad. Not that I wasn’t eating healthy before but every day was a cheat day and now only one or two days out of the week are cheat days. Today was something in between – does red whine count?

Anyway, this day started with a transit nightmare. I thought they were evacuating NYC when I came down <— to the subway platform. This is what happens when there are “delays”. Did you know that “delays” is second on the “I-don’t-wanna-hear-that-shit list” of subway passengers? I learned that in class the other day. Number one is “suspended”. It only took me an 1:45 hrs to get to work today…

Margie had a nightmare on her own, not on rails but on wheels. A truck hit her and the driver said that it wasn’t him. Oh yeah? So her hood welded from the intense April Heat? One thing you have to know about Margie is that she is very American when it comes to car ownership. She loves her living room on wheels, so of course she wasn’t very happy when she heard that it’s most likely a total. This total damage brought her back to basics, to her own two feet which lately have been sufficiently trained to withstand any challenge.

If you need to know one thing about me, it’s that I believe in the universe and I firmly believe that Margie was put back on her feet for a reason. As I mentioned before, the mastermind behind this whole madness has a big heart so he gave Margie something to take her mind off the accident – How sweet of him! This pleasant distraction consisted of hills and stairs. Washington Heights – where Margie was born and raised and where she works out – has plenty of them, it deserves the name. And just to be clear: we’re not talking about walking or jogging up the hills, that would be as boring as chicken without salt. We’re talking about lunges up the hills and suicides up and down and back up and down and back up the stairs. I laughed when she told me about her workoutbut I was quickly told that it’s NOT FUNNY.

The accident was also not funny at all but again – the universe is good and plentiful and every time one thing vanishes something else fills the void. Another void that has to be filled is in Margie’s clothes but you’ll see for yourself in a few days…

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One Response to Mission Wonderwoman Day 10 & 11 – On your own two feet

  1. Tasha says:

    Thanks for the heads up and I am glad you drunk wine, sorry about the delay and I know marge always get on her feet again.

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