Mission Wonderwoman Day 8 & 9 – Zombie Mode

The start of Week 2 was a bit rocky, it’s always tough to get going after a day off. Margie did what she had to do, there were no water related tears or mental breakdowns. I came home last night feeling completely overwhelmed with the regular end-of-semester-madness when she just got home from her run / stairs / hill workout. It was a warm summer night in the middle of April and after having dinner (= salad, DUH) around 11pm, I didn’t make it to dreamland until after 1am. The alarm went off at 5:15am. Do the math – not enough sleep. It is now 9:47pm and this is the first time all day that I’m getting a minute to write. I’m sitting on the 4 train and it’s another hot night which means that people from all walks of life come out like roaches. As I am writing this, I just helped some German roaches find their way on the NYC subway system. I hope they make it to their destination ok.

My destination is a few stops away and I am eager to get home because I know my LP (life partner) had a long day today as well. She completed yet another impressive run, accompanied by an amazing sunset. My discipline wasn’t so impressive today. I skipped the coffee in the morning but one of my classmates brought me a piece of the most amazing red velvet cake. Not knowing that that’s my favorite cake in the world. Thanks Asean – it was the sweetest sin of all and SO worth breaking the diet rules. I wish there was a tasty red velvet salad that I could throw together for the LP… She probably wouldn’t take it anyway, knowing her so-called focus (some may call it hard-headed) but however it comes across from me, I always say it with love. If at this point you have no idea what in the world this is all about, read the other Mission Wonderwoman posts and you’ll get it. Do you have a friend like this who you literally go through thick and thin with? Did you plan any missions lately? Any plans to take over the world? I would love to hear about it.

Stay happy – Katja

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