Mission Wonderwoman Week 1 compl. – Exhaustion sets in

Week 1 is done! Thank you sweet, sweet Universe! We have both been through our days but I am much happier since I’m having salt and real carbs again. I still haven’t consumed any chocolate and I don’t even crave it. I also love what it’s doing to my stomach. It is nothing compared to the results that Margie is getting, though. Her before-after effect will not need any photoshop or tricks, it will speak for itself. I will just be the tall decoration in the frame.

Yesterday we mixed up the cardio, I introduced Ms. Future Nike Model to the lovely rowing machines at the NYU palladium. I had an unfair advantage with my slightly longer limbs but she took it like a champion and completed a 10k in 51 minutes. I guess I’m not supposed to mention that she cried about the mini blister on her hand until now but I need to make sure that everyone is aware of her being a human being even though she tries to act like a machine most of the time. And that machine is definitely running on empty today. She made an estimated total of 20 trips to the bathroom last night and consequently looked very sleep deprived this morning when I handed her the ever-so-tasty boiled eggs. She had every intention of still doing her 5 miles today but the creator of her regimen has a heart, too, and told her to take a break.

We just wrapped up the week with a trip to the grocery store, walked straight past the Reese’s cups (I thought I heard her cry) and now the fridge is stocked with eggs and broccoli. We also have sweet potatoes for a few days and Margie is preparing her Tilapia for tomorrow. If you’re not sure what the word BLAND means, have a bite of her lunch. It will make your taste buds weep – weep like my poor little warrior did when her bladder was simply full last night and she had a big bottle of water to go. On that note – tomorrow is 2-Gallon-Day. Can’t wait to get the bathroom trip count…

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One Response to Mission Wonderwoman Week 1 compl. – Exhaustion sets in

  1. Mark says:

    Congrats on the life changing dietary habits. I know hard they can be.
    Here’s a tip you may not have heard of. CUCUMBERS.
    My dr. Told me to eat one to two cucumbers a day. They are almost non caloric, have a lot of water in them and are filling. I peel and slice a cucumber, add 1 tbsp. Olive oil (120 calories), and add balsamic, or any other vinegar you like. You have a low calorie snack that will keep your stomach filled up and keep you from wanting to snack.
    Last year using this tip, plus the water and exercising, I was able todrop 50 pounds in 5 months.
    Good luck and keep going! The first couple of weeeks are always the hardest as you unlearn old habits and learn new ones!

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