Mission Wonderwoman Day 3 & 4

So far so good. Still no coffee or other crap for me. Made it through the day and aced my exam. However, after seeing how lose my tight jeans are on me, I have decided that I need to ease off that diet a bit. 6’8” stick figure doesn’t seem like such an appealing goal to me. I’m hoping that I can find a way to lose the flab while still filling my pants. Anyway, let’s backtrack…

Day 3 started with boiled eggs (what else?!) and work for both Margie and me. We were eating lunch together in spirit though as we enjoyed some good but bland broccoli and fish. Later on we went for a run, well jog I should say as it was only my second time running outside on concrete and I’m still taking baby steps. Due to the slower pace, Mr. Brown and the future face of Nike fitness got a light day. We ran to Fort Washington Park (another NYC first for me), crossing under the marvelous G.W. Bridge, along the Hudson. Running or Walking outside in the fresh air is not only free and good for the body but simply good for the soul because you connect with your surroundings in a different way and discover beauty all around you.

The b i t c h that Margie turned into after still being hungry despite (or because of?) the salad for dinner was not such a pretty sight. Mr. Brown said she was acting like one of those hungry models he often deals with. And I can definitely confirm that feeling hungry makes me CRANKY. The thing about Margie is – once she’s focused, she’s focused, she’d rather go to bed with a growling tummy than jeopardize achieving her goal. Luckily, I had something for Margie to take her mind off of her stomach. Although known as a post player injury, this little power bundle got herself a nice case of Plantar Fasciitis, which I am quite the expert at, which is why I can tell you that it won’t go away as long as she’s running every day. But as I just mentioned, stopping is not an option and although I don’t like to inflict pain, I know from my own experience that, in this case, the most painful massages bring the best results the next day. I was afraid the neighbors might hear her scream and call the police on me but exhaustion soon took over and we were both dreaming of chocolate chip cookies and reese’s cups by 10:30. Margie could sleep in this morning so I laid some eggs for her on the kitchen counter before I left the house. She did her run by herself today and I broke a sweat in the classroom. Now we are both equally tired and not mad at all that day 4 is done. No alarm clock tomorrow morning. A day spent well brings happy sleep! 🙂

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6 Responses to Mission Wonderwoman Day 3 & 4

  1. Manny Patole says:

    Just remember the brain runs on glucose… if you keep depraving it, you will not like the long-term results…

  2. Tasha says:

    Ummm, what is the goal again?

    • To become a lean, mean fitness machine 🙂

      • Fernando says:

        I really enjoy the blog… it is very motivating.. .. makes me want to be a fitness machine too… Today I came back to exercise and join to your cause 🙂 PS I wish there were a river close to my town so I could run at a riverside as in your picture, it looks amazing…

  3. Crystal says:

    Love this blog…

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