Mission Wonderwoman Day 1& 2

I miss my coffee!!! And my chocolate, and my donuts, and my dollar pizza… You don’t realize how much crap you eat daily until you cut it out. Let’s quickly talk about the supporting act (me) first… Walking 2 miles is not going to happen every day. Sleep and Study time are priorities for me – that’s why I’m not the lead character in this show. I do drink my gallon per day and try to take the stairs even if there is an elevator. Today I asked Margie why exactly I’m depriving myself… The answer was “I am.” Fair enough – I can do two weeks of detoxing for a lifetime of friendship!

Side Note: We have a new addition on the Wonderwoman team. He already has a superman body but why not go for leaner and better. Mr. Christian Brown (www.whoischristianbrown.com) is in the building and is probably the best workout partner anyone could ask for. And at least some eye-candy when we can’t have real candy 🙂

Now back to the star… Somebody’s FOCUSED (and spending a lot of time in the bathroom due to the two gallons) Other than that nothing special happened except for the constant cravings for fruits and temptations like the ice cream truck in front of the house. I mean seriously??? But now I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

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3 Responses to Mission Wonderwoman Day 1& 2

  1. thisboysmind says:

    Hi Katja!
    I really enjoy reading your blog and i’m sure you can make it through two weeks of donutless existence.

    Here are three tips for getting fitter that worked for me, hopefully they help you out too.

    1 Green tea: instead of only drinking water, try drinking lots of green tea.
    It’s slightly less bland and more filling and hunger suppressing than water and also contains some of the caffeine you might miss by giving up coffee.
    Best of all, it has a huge amount of health benefits unlike any other readily available and affordable food or beverage.

    2 Scooby1961: This guy may look like a Schwarzenegger clone with a funny hat, but he is the antithesis to most so called workout Gurus.
    He is smart, honest and uses humor and simple explanations to promote better and healthier living.
    Scooby offers lots of advice in article and video form on his website and YouTube channel, lots of it is geared towards building muscle, but he also offers lots of nutritional advice and motivation.
    Check out his website and YouTube channel, definitely worth recommending to friends and family too.

    3 Get a food steamer: if you haven’t already got one, this is the single best investment for losing weight and eating healthier for several reasons.
    It’s one of the healthiest ways of preparing food, barely any nutrients are lost as opposed to other forms of cooking and you don’t need fatty oil for frying.
    You save a lot of time and worries by just setting the timer on the cooker and then going about your normal business until you hear the click when it finishes, no need to worry about burning your kitchen down or turning into a lump of coal in the oven, you also don’t have to flip or stir anything, it’s what they call in the army “fire and forget”.
    Food steamers are at their best when cooking vegetables, fish and lean meat which also happen to be the healthiest foods around so you will psychologically manipulate yourself into getting more of these nice lean foods!

    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for reading and thanks for all the input 🙂

      I will definitely look into a food steamer and I think I’ll grab a cup of green tea after work to get me through the afternoon hole!

      Hope to read your blog soon!

  2. Crystal huerta says:

    Nice work!!!!

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