Happy Anniversary…

Dear broken leg,

you came into my life exactly one year ago when you literally swept me off my feet with a force that I didn’t know before. Our first days together were very painful but I had to accept you as part of my life. You took a lot from me, you took everything I worked for over the course of ten years. But you didn’t do it without giving even more back to me. You gave me time to really get to know myself, you showed me what’s important in life, you brought me closer to my family and proofed to me that I have truly amazing friends.

You are the reason why I am back in New York, why I live with a person that I love and adore from the bottom of my heart, why I’m back in school. You left scars on my skin but you gave me the power to heal the scars that are within me. Without you I would still be that same person who gets overwhelmed with life, who focuses on the struggle and not on the opportunity. Without you I would take a lot of things for granted.

You are the best thing that could have happened to me because you showed me the power of the universe and gave me a chance to get to know my own strength. Meeting you was truly life changing. Since you came into my life I have less money, I have less free time and more stress but I have more appreciation for what I do have and more acceptance for what I don’t have. You remind me every day that you’re there and I thank you for that even though dealing with you still involves pain from time to time

Shortly after you came into my life you gave me some expensive gifts that weren’t easy to get. They didn’t quite fit on me, so we went to get them fixed. They are beautiful pieces of art that celebrate human achievement but I won’t hold on to them forever. I plan to give them back to you by the end of this year, just letting you know – I’m sure you understand.

You will always be a part of me and I just ask of you that you try to not ever hurt me like that again. I am ready for whatever though and that’s only because you made me into the strong person that I am today. Thank you. Thank you for carrying me after making me fall, thank you for letting me grow. I wish it upon everyone to learn what you’ve taught me but I don’t wish your brutal force upon anyone. It was right for me but it’s certainly not right for everyone because we all have a different way of dealing with pain. I am writing you this letter with tears in my eyes because thinking of you always makes me emotional but also with a smile on my face – a smile that you gave to me.

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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary…

  1. Sargenta G says:

    =) Life lessons come in so many different ways?!! What a good student you are that did not let it go over your head!!! I am soooooo happy I met you, you are a great inspiration!!!!

    • Fernando Jesus says:

      Great inspiration…. I am lucky to read this blog….. we find our strength in the difficult times!!

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