He was one of the nice subway encounters, the reason why riding the train for an hour is a good thing. When I hear the name Nelson, I think of Nelson Mandela. And although my guy isn’t one of the biggest human rights activists of our times, he touched me anyway. The conversation probably started the way they all do, with some comment about my height or basketball. It then turned into agreeing that everything happens for a reason (the injuries and all that) and a general philosophical back and forth. There was no need to remember every word of the conversation but one thing stuck with me. He told me that he was a plumber and asked “you know why I like my job?” The answer could have been anything from enjoying physical work to the demand that’s always going to be there. Well, here is what Nelson had to say: “I like to see that smile on people’s face after I hook it up for them!” He may not fight for human rights but he helps people satisfy some of the most basic human needs. I could go into the whole chicken and egg thing now and who needs who more but that might take it to far. At the end of the day I like both Nelsons because they live life with the purpose to make things better…

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2 Responses to Nelson

  1. Mark says:

    Don’t rely on somebody else or the big things in llife (wads of money, Bugattis, notoriety or a mansion), to make you happy. You may never get those things. Be happy in what you do, who you are and your own accomplishments and you will always feel good.
    Another valuable lesson you reminded me of……Thanks!

  2. Sargenta G says:

    We hear it, we read about it, we see it, and we doubt it often…it is the simplest things that make a huge difference and those are the things that transform the way we look at everything and everyone….

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